Operation Sparrow: a Landmark in the Fight against IUU Fishing (Reblog)

We close the year reblogging this post, first published on IUU WATCH. May we wish you all a very prosperous new year 2016!


The EU IUU Regulation has been a pioneering initiative, placing the EU at the helm of the global fight against IUU fishing. However, one challenge that continues to mar efforts to address IUU fishing is the identification of European interests behind IUU fishing operations. Spain, the EU’s largest fishing nation and a flagship State in EU fisheries, has implemented domestic legislation to address this problem. The legal measures have recently been put to the test through the launch of Operations Sparrow and Sparrow 2.

The full blog post can be accessed here: http://www.iuuwatch.eu/2015/12/operation-sparrow-a-landmark-in-the-fight-against-iuu-fishing/