About House of Ocean

House of Ocean is a consultancy created to support public and private organisations seeking to meet legal, regulatory, and best practice standards for the prevention and control of illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing.

Our work includes the following services:

  • Design and implementation of instruments of self-assessment and evaluation for clients and partners conducting marine capture fisheries, or in charge of issuing fishery authorisations, regulating fishing activity, or carrying out compliance control and/or enforcement activities.
  • Review of legal and regulatory frameworks to ensure compliance with international treaties, and/or the market requirements of the European Union.
  • Elaboration of assistance protocols for developing countries conducting compliance and enforcement functions in respect of foreign vessels.
  • Organisation of conferences, seminars, and presentations concerning matters of marine fishery regulation and IUU fishing control.
  • Devising and conducting research and advocacy programmes to support law and policy development.
  • Drafting reports, articles and online materials in matters concerning analysis of possible IUU fishing events, and/or the development, interpretation and implementation of international and EU law in marine fisheries contexts.
  • Ad hoc pro-bono advocacy and information services.

Our consultants have proven expertise in international fisheries law and governance, and in European Union legislation for the prevention and control of IUU fishing, and regularly conduct research and advocacy in support of House of Ocean’s not-for profit objectives.

To discuss how we may support you, please contact us.

Fishing Vessels in the Gulf of Guinea

Fishing Vessels in the Gulf of Guinea