Our People

IMG_1121 copyDr. Mercedes Rosello is our founding director and principal researcher. Mercedes is an experienced consultant with a background as a City of London lawyer, acquired prior to her transition into academic work. She specialises in international and European Union environmental law, the conservation and management of wild marine fisheries, the operational patterns and human security impacts of IUU fishing, and the global and regional institutional governance of the oceans. Mercedes’ PhD in public international law, awarded by the University of Hull, involved research on IUU fishing as a mechanism of flag State accountability, with a particular focus on European Council Regulation 1005/2008 (the IUU Regulation). Her full professional and academic profile and list of publications are available here.

Former associate Dr. Eva R. van der Marel LLB(Hons) Ma LLM has accumulated seven years of research work in international and European Union environmental law, the law of the sea, WTO law, and in particular the regulation of international fisheries. In recent years, her research has looked at market measures for sustainable fishing, with a focus on the EU IUU Regulation. Eva has also taught various law of the sea and environmental law courses at master level, and is currently a PhD candidate at the Jebsen Centre for the Law of the Sea (JCLOS) in Tromsø, Norway. Click here for her professional and academic profile, and a list of publications.